Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Upload feito originalmente por lueli.ceruti
This is where I am... under the amazing sky of Brasília... a city created out of nothing, in the middle of nowhere! This photo is not mine and I couldn't find the author but it was so prefect, I couldn't ignore it! During this week, I'll try to take my own photo of the sky in the central plato of Brazil.

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Dennis said...

Hi, Lu.

What a beautiful photo! I can easily see why you chose to add it to your blog (which is more interesting each time I look at it).

One of the things that make blogs "successful" is whether they feature a combination of photos, colorful graphics, and assorted widgets and gadgets to capture a potential reader's attention and encourage her or him to stay on the page and check out the content. You do that, ao I think you're going to have a regular group of followers!

Keep up the good work!

Dennis in Phoenix